Can’t Sell My Home
By: Drew knox

Can’t Sell My Home


Your home has been on the market for months, and you have not received a single purchase offer. If this is the situation you are in then you should consider the following factors; the condition of your home, your marketing and advertising, your price, and lastly your agent. 
It is important to make your home stand out among the sea of houses. In order to know how to make your home stick out amid all others you need to examine your competition. Take a look at the pending sales data, this will tell you which homes are selling. If you notice that the top 10% of homes on the market have for example new carpeting and yours are worn out then you should first focus on repairing your home before prepping it up for sale.  Aside from taking the time to do a bit more renovation, perhaps you need to put more effort into your marketing and advertising.

You need to have a combination of marketing efforts.  You should do the most advertising on weekends, when people have time to view your home.  Create four-color flyers and postcards and mail them to surrounding homes, out-of-area buyers, and distribute them to prospects who tour your home.  Assess your online advertising; homes on MLS that have one or two photos are passed by. Make sure that you have many photos. Photos need to be clear, shot from wide angles, and have plenty of light. Take a good picture of the kitchen as this is the most important room. Set your table prior to taking a picture of the dining room. If all the bedrooms are pretty much the same, take a picture of the largest room only. Avoid taking pictures of narrow hallways and pictures with yourself in the mirror reflection. Do not forget to take a few photos of the backyard and add descriptive text to each photo. Consider shooting a video or hiring a virtual tour company to shoot and upload the video of your home. Coincide your open house with other open houses in the neighborhood. Get feedback from buyers so that you can make adjustments based on what they disliked and highlight the features they liked.  The next thing to look at is the listed price.  

You do not want to overprice your home. Therefore, examine the sold comparable sales. In a buyer’s market you want to price your home at least 2% below the last comparable sale. Furthermore, consider your agent.

Interview the agents prior to making your choice. Do not hire an agent based on the suggested sales price and the commission they will charge.  Instead pick an agent who has a great marketing plant and bargaining skills.  Additionally you want an agent that is honest, experienced and one who has many referrals and a great reputation.

Putting a little more effort into; renovation, marketing and advertising, determining a compatible price, and picking out your agent you will have a better chance at decreasing your DOM and selling your home in no time.