How to Sell Your House Fast

How to Sell Your House Fast - The Right Staging Goes a Long Way

Staging your home will help increase the asking price, and will also help you sell your house faster. Proper staging, along with the right listing agents can do wonders, when trying to get a property off of your hands, and move in to the new home you have purchased. Its a fact that the longer the home sits on the market, the lower the price the seller will receive; a simple way to avoid this, is to properly stage the home when it goes on the market, and to have it listed with a reliable online site and agent.

Furniture -

Although many sellers remove everything from the home, to move in to their new home, this really does detract from the home's potential. If a buyer walks into an empty home, all they see is empty space. But, when they walk in to a formal dining room, living room with a nice sectional and paintings, and see how they can potential lay out the master bedroom, they will stay in that property for much more time. When unfurnished, it becomes very difficult for buyers to visualize themselves in the home, and visualize how they would lay out a room. So, having furniture, paintings, and some neutral decor in place, does help provide a "livable," space, buyers can see themselves in.

Not your space, a livable space -

One of the best reasons to hire a team to stage your home, is that they will take a neutral approach. As the home owner, you want to keep your personal pictures up, the funky colors in the bathroom, and the unique decor in the living room. A professional agent and staging team, will take "you," out of the property, and make it an investment property, which a buyer can see themselves in. A professional staging team will help sell your house, and will help the buyer see themselves, and their family, grow together in that home.

Proper flow and layout -

This goes hand in hand with removing the personal touches, and making the home more of a communal home, and one that any buyer can see themselves in. A staging team will properly arrange the furniture to make the rooms look bigger, and to make the home easier to flow through (walk through). They will add area rugs, the right paintings, and neutral paint, to give the room a cozier feel. These small details will not only help sell your house, they will also help increase the asking price, when they increase the value of the property.

Although many sellers list their home "as is," and do not use an agent, this is a way to lose thousands on the sale. It is important to work with the right listing agent; not only to list the home on their site, but also to host open houses. But, the right staging is also going to help sell the home. In fact, it will help sell the house quickly, and potential bring in a higher asking price, if several buyers are interested.